About the Trustee's Office

The Henderson County Trustee is the county's banker and tax collector. The Trustee, who is elected to a four year term, maintains control of county funds until they are distributed on a monthly basis to government agencies.

The amount of your tax bill is determined by the assessment of your Property Assessor. The property tax rate is set by the County Commission as determined by the needs of the county departments for the operation of our county.

Tax bills are mailed in October and become delinquent if not paid by the last day in February of the following year. Property taxes become delinquent on March 1st and begin accruing interest and a penalty of 1.5% per month (18% annually). This amount is added to your tax bill.

The Trustee disburses sales tax revenues also. The Trustee generally acts as Treasurer for the county, receiving and disbursing funds. The Trustee is required to keep detailed information on all transactions.

In addition, the Trustee administers a State funded tax relief program to help the elderly and disabled citizens pay their property taxes. For qualifying applicants, the State of Tennessee will pay a portion of the property taxes for their home. Applications must be completed no later than 35 days after the February 28th tax payment deadline.

John Cavness

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